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ASC Six Sigma
Advanced Systems Consultants specializes in training, consulting and implementing our Classic Six Sigma in the service, manufacturing, production and fabrication industries.

In-House Training Courses
ASC's Six Sigma Company-Wide Initiative
 ASC - Six Sigma has 18 years of experience nurturing and perfecting the most robust curriculum for Six Sigma. We developed and implemented the first methodology for Six Sigma at Motorola. This approach is the "Classic Six Sigma" which leads to a successful deployment and to the realization of bottom-line improvements.

Training Courses
  Open Enrollment - Six Sigma training courses are available for the Executive Leadership, Champions, Black Belts and Green Belts in Scottsdale, Arizona.

On-Site Training and Six Sigma Deployment
On-Site Deployment - All of our training courses are offered on-site (at your location) for a full company-wide Six Sigma initiative deployment. Six Sigma training, coaching, certification and implementation has and continues to be our specialty since its inception.

"If you want to achieve Six Sigma, ASC-Six Sigma's Methodology will help you unlock the door. I highly recommend their methods. It has helped me make large improvements in my company's bottom line."
Ronald Burke - General Manager, Montclair Moldings
Six Sigma Seminar
Six Sigma Green Belts Training
"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mario Perez-Wilson in three manufacturing facilities, in three different countries, in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, over the past 12 years. In my first association with him, I was the manager of a Motorola Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing Facility in Malaysia. The engineering team learned and applied his methodology diligently, as part of an ongoing Six Sigma initiative. They achieved improvement in Cpk from 0.2 to 2.2 for a diffusion process, and from 0.24 to l.64 in a metal film deposition process. Both these improvements resulted in huge savings from scrap reduction, and improved profits. His methodology, practiced with diligence, ... will result in optimum, predictable, stable and controlled processes even when dealing with a multitude of processes and external factors."
Six Sigma at Motorola R. Sivasankar - Director of Quality, Motorola, Inc.